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Special AASA Member Pricing

EAGL Active Shooter

Detection, Countermeasure

& Lockdown System

CIT is a proud AASA School Solutions Partner

CIT is pleased to be partnered with AASA to offer EAGL as part of the AASA School Safety & Crisis Planning Toolkit,

to protect as many schools as possible against active shooter threats. In direct response to the

Sandy Hook tragedy, this technology was developed by the U.S. Department of Energy Pacific

Northwest National Laboratory for one purpose -- to save lives.

To further the adoption of this lifesaving technology, CIT and EAGL are offering special AASA

member pricing on EAGL systems.  We will work closely with your team from procurement, through

installation and training, and operations and maintenance. 

Before recommending EAGL to its 13,000 member school districts, AASA's professional security advisors fully vetted CIT and EAGL technology, and recognized that existing tools like panic buttons and bleeding control are useful,

but have fatal flaws - in that they require activation by distressed occupants, who will not

be thinking clearly during an active shooter event.  

Seeking an active shooter solution with more speed, certainty and effectiveness, AASA has partnered with CIT/EAGL with the goal of implementing the Emergency Automated Gunshot & Lockdown (EAGL) System

in as many schools across America as possible.  

Key features of the technology:

  • EAGL is a fully automated active shooter response system, which removes the human element - and deadly associated delays - from the equation, allowing all area first responders to be notified in as little as 1.2 SECONDS following a gunshot, indoors, or out.

  • EAGL is the only product of its kind endorsed by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.  The technology was developed by the U.S. Department of Energy Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, in direct response to the Sandy Hook school shooting tragedy.

  • This technology allows a low-cost yet fail-safe solution that is battery-powered and wirelessly connected, rendering it significantly easier and less expensive to install and use than other systems on the market, making it attainable for schools with limited funds.

  • EAGL Technologies has spent close to a decade doing the extensive R&D necessary to bring this lifesaving product to schools.  Over 2,000 are currently installed in schools and other public and private buildings across the country.   References are gladly provided.

  • EAGL uses the science developed by the DOE to analyze waveform and energy level to discern a firearm has been discharged, and to prevent false alarms. This zero-false-read, dual validation technology can automatically lock down doors in target areas within seconds. The system immediately notifies law enforcement and other emergency responders through email and text messages.  School security officers, and all area first responders receive real-time updates on their cell phones, showing the building layout with the shooter location, with the ballistic data about the shooter's weapon.  

  • The system is near infinitely customizable, and easily integrates with facility access control, live streaming IP cameras, public address, mass communication, and local emergency notification systems. These functions are performed, automatically and autonomously, all within seconds of a detected threat event.

To learn more, and receive a no-obligation facility evaluation and estimate, contact: 

Chéri Smith, Vice President - Education Sector

cheri@citintegration.com | 508.465.1226

State of Wisconsin Provides Grants to School Districts for Purchase of EAGL Systems

The Kenosha Unified School District, the first in Wisconsin to be approved for grant funding, used $384,000 of its nearly $900,000 award to install sensors from EAGL at its 43 schools. The system is designed to alert police within seconds of shots being fired and activate surveillance cameras near their location to livestream the scene to authorities. The sensors can also lock doors after gunshots.
"The premise behind what we're trying to do here is to get our local law enforcement to us as fast as possible," said district spokeswoman Tanya Ruder.

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