EAGL Active Shooter Detection

& Lockdown System

The EAGL Technologies engineering team has spent the last decade doing the extensive R&D

necessary to bring this lifesaving product to as many communities as possible.

The EAGL detects gunfire and autonomously locks down soft target areas, notifies law enforcement,

provides ballistic data and the exact location of a shooter as he moves -- along with a real time video

stream to law enforcement and first responder cell phones, community policing, safety centers, etc.

While most emergency response systems require human activation, EAGL is a fully automated active shooter

response system, which removes the human element - and deadly associated delays - from the equation. 

As we say at EAGL – SPEED IS LIFE.  The average police response to an active shooter situation is 7 minutes. 

EAGL is completely automated – notifying all your campus officers, and all area first responders in as little as

1.2 SECONDS following a gunshot, indoors, or out.  

Through machine learning technology, EAGL’s onboard algorithms can determine the exact

ballistics of the weapon(s) being used, as well as detect multiple shooters and locations in REAL TIME.

The system verifies false or active shooter reports within seconds, and has a Six Sigma Zero False Read rating.

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