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55 years of


We Have Seen It Before


Our Experience

The formation of Cogliano Integrated Technologies Inc. marks the culmination of a combined fifty-five years of experience in the low voltage installation and integration field. Our experience covers every aspect of the conception, design, bid process, value engineering, award, project management, implementation and commissioning of every type and size of low voltage integration project.

Our Vision

Our vision for the utilization of our company is to simplify the low voltage integration process and bring it nearer to the owner/developer. Our streamlined process is conceived for the economic benefit of the stakeholders in a project. The process has been proven and we look to expand it to the largest and most complex projects as well as the more compact projects.

Our Role

Our role in the construction process is to manage the parts and pieces of a project as it relates to low voltage integration. CIT is directly responsible to the stakeholders for cost and performance. Our strategy removes layers of cost and management that are unnecessary in the process and are a liability easily eliminated for the benefit of project efficiency. We would be happy to discuss the specific strategies with you.

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